Psychosomatic treatment options in Austria:

· In-Patient Treatment
· Out-Patient Treatment
· General practitioners in   psychosomatic/   psychotherapeutic   medicine

Austrian Network for Psychosomatic Medicine


The Austrian Network for Psychosomatic Medicine intends to help patients find psychosomatic treatment options in Austria. 


If you want to search for doctors or facilities offering such treatment options, please use the patient´s information button called Patienteninformation and go to Behandlungsmöglichkeiten to start your search.

This internet platform is also directed to medical doctors and other health professionals to get easy access to colleagues working in the field of psychosomatic medicine in Austria. It also informs health professionals about conferences and meetings dealing with aspects of psychosomatic medicine.

Currently all Austrian medical psychosomatic societies are active partners of this network and contribute to its quality and the further development of this field.

The Austrian Network for Psychosomatic Medicine is supported by the Austrian Medical Association and the Federal Ministry of Health and Women.

If you are interested in any further information about the Austrian Network for Psychosomatic Medicine please contact:

Network Psychosomatics Austria
University Hospital of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy
Medical University Graz
Auenbruggerplatz 43, LKH-Klinikum
A-8036 Graz
Tel: 0043 316 385 2516
Fax: 0043 316 385 3155